Cartographic Services

Our cartography service offers preparation of different thematic maps.
To create a meaningful and well-designed map which fits the end user requirements, all of our maps go through a series production processes including:
Design – Here we develop the design based on who the map is aimed at and what it needs to show. Map type is derived accordingly. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages in communicating the map’s purpose to the reader.
Data Collection, Processing and Conversion– We sometimes need to research all of the content that will appear on the map ( various statistical information). The purpose of the map and these accent features will be understood at an early stage, enabling the cartographic process to focus on bringing out important information for the reader.

Data Storage and Management – If the source material is an image or paper copy we have to capture or digitize that detail into our mapping system. We capture the raw data and build it into a map database. This also includes the selection and classification of data in such a way so we can add it to a map. Great design and clarity tends towards simplicity and so the choice of what information and level of detail to include on the map is key. The cartographer can employ techniques to simplify, generalize and aggregate information to make it appear clearer.
Graphic Production – This is the process of turning a complex map database into a map by adding the correct line styles, symbols, areas fills and typefaces. The use of correct symbology, colour and typography will produce remarkable differences in legibility and emphasis on maps
Cartography & Final Correction – Positioning the type so it’s not crashing into other detail and ensuring the data is shown with the correct hierarchy are a couple of the things we would look at.
Final Output